Looking back at EBMT24

This article takes a look back at EBMT24 held in April. EBMT24 was a special occasion, celebrating 50 years of the EBMT community. For GoCART, it marked the 5th year that the coalition held a session at the annual meeting, and this year we held the following three sessions:

Session 1: Update on the ongoing GoCART scientific excellence studies

GoCART wants to maximise the use of data collected in the EBMT registry as well as data available to other stakeholders, and to do this we support joint research projects to facilitate further collaboration between stakeholders.

The studies are conducted by a dedicated GoCART Study Team at the Paris Study Unit, consisting of a study coordinator (Eva Michel), a data manager (Fizza Imran), statisticians (Jacques–Emmanuel Galimard and Christophe Peczynski), and a clinical data specialist (Emmanuelle Polge).

GoCART has annual calls for research proposals, and we have had three calls to date, one in each of 2021, 2022 and 2023. The fourth call for proposals will come out in June 2024. 

We were excited for the PIs to present their preliminary results this year, and following the presentation of one of the studies, an audience member commented that they have additional data which they can contribute to the Registry and to the study and which is now being included.

Bjoern Chapuy presenting during session 3.

We also had a presentation from Yoshiko Atsuta, Scientific Director of the Japanese Data Center for Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, who gave a very interesting overview on CAR T-cell activities in Japan and the Japanese Registry setup and coverage.

Session 2: National European CAR T cell therapy networks

The second session was on national European CAR T cell therapy networks where we heard about activities in Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

Session 3: European CAR T-cell initiatives

The third session had presentations from the DARE-NL network on the Dutch experience of harmonising education for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product personnel. We also had an update from the T2EVOLVE consortium on their activities on standards, harmonisation and education in the CAR T-cell field.

Annemiek Markslag gave a presentation on the new EBMT registry and how data collection forms will be updated. The last presentation was from Bjorn Chapuy who is leading a GoCART (EBMT/EHA) – T2Evolve joint initiative, called CART-CD, to develop a harmonised European parameter set and core data structure for the evaluation of CAR T cell therapies. We aim to build a set of parameters/time points/data structures and technologies that allows harmonisation across various research groups in the cellular therapy field in Europe and provide the outcome as a white paper on the harmonisation of data capture. Steffie van der Werf is leading these efforts for EBMT and we hope to have this completed by the end of 2025.

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