Gene and cellular therapies are complex products that require comprehensive and ongoing training of health care professionals as well as patients and caregivers. A plethora of training courses are already offered by Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) as well as health organisations, which can lead to considerable overlap.


Develop harmonised educational programmes for different groups of health care professionals (HCPs) and patients.


Webinar series:
·    GoCART Clinical Case Discussion series for physicians
·    GoCART Nurses Best Practice Sharing session

Map CAR T manufacturers’ educational training requirements for HCPs and develop a core CAR T curriculum.

Develop CAR T-cell therapy Clinician Checklists to contribute to improvements in the quality and safety of medical care.


In the Clinical Case Discussion series for physicians, two clinical cases were presented and discussed in each webinar with a panel of CAR T experts. The aim was to discuss real-life clinical cases as instructive examples, foster lateral thinking to meeting participant’s own cases, contribute to a broader understanding of CAR T treatments, toxicity management and outcomes. Ten sessions and twenty clinical cases were discussed in 2022.

The Nurses Best Practice Sharing Sessions focused on different aspects of the patient journey and/or the care nurses provide. In the sessions, a nurse expert presented the theoretical background information and a real-life case. Six sessions were held in 2022.

Both webinar series are on hold as we develop new e-learning modules for the future.

GoCART has started discussions with industry partners to explore harmonisation of training requirements. We aim to consolidate a “core” training for HCPs, with industry partners providing additional product specific training. This would be tailored to each HCP role, i.e. doctors, nurses, etc., and would act as a passport specific to the individual – in the same way a driver’s license is specific to an individual. Therefore, the trained/qualified individual can move between centres and only require additional product specific training.